Meet the Pastor

Fr. Chris Markman

Please, feel free to invite me over to bless your homes and your fields!

Contact Info.

Mailing Address:
302 Bluff St.
Enderlin, ND 58027

Tel: 701-437-2791


Dear Parishioners of Enderlin, Fingal, and Sheldon,

It is a great blessing to finally be here with you! Since I found out I was coming, I’ve been praying for all of us. Transitions are never all that easy, but with patience and time Jesus’ plan for us will come together. I want to thank Fr. Aerts for helping me in this time of transition, as well as the parishioners I’ve met thus far.

Here’s a recap of the info I shared with you about myself the first weekend I was here:

1982 – born to Randy and Brenda Markman
1983 – my sister, Sarah, was born (married to Jon with 3 kids - Sam, Ben, and Viola)
1986 – my brother, Michael, was born
2000 – graduated from Cathedral High School in St. Cloud, MN
2004 – graduated from Aviation school at UND, entered seminary that fall
2004-2005 – St. John Vianney Seminary – Denver, CO
2005-2007 – Cardinal Muench Seminary – Fargo, ND
2007-2012 – North American College Seminary – Rome, IT
2011 – July 1st was ordained a priest for the Diocese of Fargo
2011-2012 – spent an extra year of studies in Rome to finish an S.T.L. (Sacred Theology License)
2012-2014 – Parochial Vicar at Nativity in Fargo
2014-2016 – Parochial Vicar at St. John’s in Wahpeton
2016 – Made Pastor here on June 29th

I’m looking forward to meeting all of you and us helping each other to grow closer to our Lord Jesus and His Church. May Jesus truly bless our time together.

In the Hearts of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph,
Fr. Chris Markman